Business as usual?

This is us all going into our third week since being allowed to re open, and I have to say it all feels a lot different, it is lovely to see the folk starting to come out and chat with them some are still a bit worried and apprehensive, some just trying to move on with this new kind of normal.
I still can’t believe that we are in the middle of July usually I’m running on coffee😊 and the whole of Lerwick has a holiday buzz about it , kids just stopped for the summer holidays , local folk getting ready to jet off to that much needed break in the sunshine , cruise ships arriving with people all swarming the streets of Lerwick in a hurry to discover the beauty of shetland, Connor our amazing goat waiting outside the shop to greet them all and pose for photos, but not this July I think that it is why so many of us are finding it so difficult to remember what month we are actually on❤️
If it wasn’t for the flowery baskets and the bunting on the street you could be mistaken for thinking we had not begun summer yet and it was still to come.
This was the first time since opening the shop that I was actually home to see all the baby goats being born so that was lovely , I thought at the beginning how would I manage as I always seem to be doing something but time seemed to pass so quickly there was always something to do what with sheep lambing, goats kidding, cleaning out sheds and making all the products I soon realised that my original ideas of a house clearance just wasn’t going to happen😊
The weather at the time was gorgeous so it was a pleasure to be outdoors all day and not in a hurry , lovely to sit down with that cup of coffee and watch the baby goats playing and not having to rush off
Now the shop has opened back up my life is still running on that slowed down pace which I don’t think can be a bad thing when I think back, we are open shorter days and I’m not drinking so much coffee😂
It has been an experience that everyone of us has gone through and so many families have lost someone,
I think business as usual is perhaps not the right phrase for where we are at perhaps it should be
Thank you to all nhs and keyworkers you worked so hard to get US to this point
And at love From Shetland we are so grateful that you did ❤️