Shower steamers

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❤️Night Night Shower Steamer
With Lavender Orange and Patchoulli
❤️ Tranquility Shower steamer
With Geranium Petigrain Ylang Ylang
❤️ Boost It Up Shower Steamer
With Rosemary Lemon Patchoulli
❤️ Kick Start Shower Steamer
With Lemon Grapefruit Orange
❤️ Anxious Shower Steamer
With Geranium Rose Orange Vetiver
❤️ Pick Me Up Shower Steamer
With Eucalyptus Peppermint menthol
❤️ Chill Shower Steamer
With Lavender Orange Clary Sage
❤️ Sensual Shower Steamer
With Petigrain Geranium Rose Clary Sage Ylang Ylang Neroli
Just let us know what ones you would like

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