❤️Pamper Yourself Shower Offer❤️


❤️Now is the time for some me time ❤️
Indulge with one of our luxury hand poured soy wax candles available in
❤️ Lady millions
❤️ Turf
❤️ Pear and freesia
❤️ Thai mango and lime
❤️ Marshmallow fluff
One of our luxury hand and body butters to get your skin super moisturised available in
❤️ Raspberry sloe gin
❤️ Unfragranced
❤️ Pomegranate and raspberry
Get your senses going with one of our shower steamers available in
❤️ Night night
❤️ Tranquility
❤️ Boost it up
❤️ Kick start
❤️ Anxious
❤️ Pick me up
❤️ Chill
❤️ Sensual

And one of our lovely salt scrub bars with pink Himalayan salts available in
❤️ Cranberry
❤️ Raspberry
❤️ Lavender
❤️ Black plum and rhubarb
❤️ Kiwi and lime



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