Sensational shower steamers

☀️☀️ So this week has been a buzz with everyone grabbing our shower steamer packs
These are truly sensational just place one on the floor of the shower turn the hot water on close the door and let the steam build up, wait a few minutes then go in inhale and relax and let your mind drift away ❤️❤️ Truly exceptional blends of essential oils for whatever experience you desire ❤️❤️

Business as usual?

This is us all going into our third week since being allowed to re open, and I have to say it all feels a lot different, it is lovely to see the folk starting to come out and chat with them some are still a bit worried and apprehensive, some just trying to move on with this new kind of normal.
I still can’t believe that we are in the middle of July usually I’m running on coffee😊 and the whole of Lerwick has a holiday buzz about it , kids just stopped for the summer holidays , local folk getting ready to jet off to that much needed break in the sunshine , cruise ships arriving with people all swarming the streets of Lerwick in a hurry to discover the beauty of shetland, Connor our amazing goat waiting outside the shop to greet them all and pose for photos, but not this July I think that it is why so many of us are finding it so difficult to remember what month we are actually on❤️
If it wasn’t for the flowery baskets and the bunting on the street you could be mistaken for thinking we had not begun summer yet and it was still to come.
This was the first time since opening the shop that I was actually home to see all the baby goats being born so that was lovely , I thought at the beginning how would I manage as I always seem to be doing something but time seemed to pass so quickly there was always something to do what with sheep lambing, goats kidding, cleaning out sheds and making all the products I soon realised that my original ideas of a house clearance just wasn’t going to happen😊
The weather at the time was gorgeous so it was a pleasure to be outdoors all day and not in a hurry , lovely to sit down with that cup of coffee and watch the baby goats playing and not having to rush off
Now the shop has opened back up my life is still running on that slowed down pace which I don’t think can be a bad thing when I think back, we are open shorter days and I’m not drinking so much coffee😂
It has been an experience that everyone of us has gone through and so many families have lost someone,
I think business as usual is perhaps not the right phrase for where we are at perhaps it should be
Thank you to all nhs and keyworkers you worked so hard to get US to this point
And at love From Shetland we are so grateful that you did ❤️

Have you ever wished that

Have you ever wished for skincare products that really do what they say they do
• For skincare products that don’t dry out your skin
• Don’t leave your skin feeling tight
• Soaps and skincare that really do have the wow factor
• All made in small batches by hand
• All certified Palm Oil Free
We are a small family run business, and it all starts with my husband Tom who looks after and milks the goats, then the milk is used to make our soaps all made from scratch by hand here in shetland using some truly divine oils and amazing butters
Skincare products that nourish fragrance blends that stimulate and arouse the senses
So what you waiting for

❤️❤️ Why Do We Love A Shower Steamer❤️❤️

Our new Shower Steamers have been jumping off the shelves seems like we are not the only ones that love a nice steamy shower
All you do is place the shower steamer on the shower floor away from the drain, the steamer slowly dissolves releasing the aromatics of the essential oil blends into the steam total spa bliss ❤️❤️
There are eight to choose from
Night Night with its blend of lavender, orange and Patchoulli
Tranquility with Geranium Petigrain and Ylang Ylang
Boost it up with rosemary lemon and Patchoulli
Kick start with lemon orange and grapefruit
Anxious with rose Geranium orange and vetiver
Pick me up with eucalyptus menthol and peppermint
Chill with lavender orange and clary sage
Sensual with Petigrain Geranium clary sage Ylang Ylang and neroli
There is one to suit every mood
Simply amazing have you tried one yet


Well to begin with it really is a multiple skincare product in one tin.
When we created the recipe for our hand and body butter, we wanted to make a product that would do the same work as many but in one tin, an all in one product that could be used all over the body but also worked specifically to moisturise, soften and feed your skin.
You no longer need to drag around endless products in your handbag or your car when you can have just one tin that does it all! and saving yourself money.
QUALITY – The finest selection of oils and butters that go into our hand and body butter ensures that you recieve a high quality product, here are a few examples of just what goes into each tin.
Goats Milk – Goats milk contains many Vitamins, but is particularly high in Vitamin A which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue and maintain healthy skin.
Shea Butter – Shea Butter has high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins which makes it an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin, shea butter also has anti inflammatory and healing properties.
Cocoa Butter – Cocoa Butter is high in fatty acids, which is why it is often touted for its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over the skin to hold in moisture.
Kokum Butter – Kokum Butter has anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it ideal for damaged skin.
Mango Seed Butter – Mango Seed Butter is a natural source of Vitamin A, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thus increasing the skins overall youthful look.
Illipe Butter – Illipe Butter is highly moisturising and has emollient properties which makes it ideal for dry skin, it is nourishing and promotes elasticity and vitality for the skin.
Sweet Almond Oil – Thanks to all the Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage and helps your skin look smooth, soft and free of fine lines. The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped and irritated skin.
Certified Palm Oil Free
Paraben Free
SLS Free
And you only need a little as it really does go a long way xxx


With everything that is going on just now with coronavirus it is even more important than ever to regularly be washing your hands, but there is plenty of evidence out there to prove that the best form of doing this is using Soap and Water.
Soap is able to break down the outer protective layer of the virus allowing it to be destroyed.
Hand Sanitisers are the choice when soap and water is not a viable option , the high alcohol content in these products can dry out the users skin leaving them sore and itchy.
Goats milk Soap has Antimicrobial properties thus delays the growth of pathogenic organisms, it contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins which means it wont dry out your skin.
So All You Need Is Soap And Water!
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Wash Your Hands With Soap

All we are hearing just now is to wash our hands with soap, everyone rushing out and buying anti bacterial handwash but you dont have to, most of the time this type of product is full of harmful chemicals that will do more harm than good and do no more for you than a good bar of soap.
Goats milk soap has a ph level very close to our skin, which is very important because it protects our skin from bacteria, it is hypoallergenic, packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and anti inflammatories, it also has great antimicrobial activity against pathogenic organisms and fungus.
So yes keep washing your hands with soap but fight nature with nature.