New Bath Bomb Workshopz Kits

We have now got our great Bathbomb workshopz kits in stock in the shop as well as online now
Whenever we have done the bath bomb workshopz they have not only proved to be very popular but also great fun now with everything in a box you can do your favourite bath bombs at home,everything is included to get you started all you need is a plastic bowl and some water and old newspaper!!
Each box contains all the ingridients and an instruction sheet as well as your own moulds, spray bottle and disposable gloves, there is also a qr code on the box that takes you to a video showing you the process
available in one in a million, lemon sherbet and marzmallow
we will soon have refill packs available to keep you making
These are going to be very popular and i think a great price for everything that is included 🙂

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