❤️❤️ Why Do We Love A Shower Steamer❤️❤️

Our new Shower Steamers have been jumping off the shelves seems like we are not the only ones that love a nice steamy shower
All you do is place the shower steamer on the shower floor away from the drain, the steamer slowly dissolves releasing the aromatics of the essential oil blends into the steam total spa bliss ❤️❤️
There are eight to choose from
Night Night with its blend of lavender, orange and Patchoulli
Tranquility with Geranium Petigrain and Ylang Ylang
Boost it up with rosemary lemon and Patchoulli
Kick start with lemon orange and grapefruit
Anxious with rose Geranium orange and vetiver
Pick me up with eucalyptus menthol and peppermint
Chill with lavender orange and clary sage
Sensual with Petigrain Geranium clary sage Ylang Ylang and neroli
There is one to suit every mood
Simply amazing have you tried one yet

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